Boxted Airstrip taken on 13th August 2011 (Click on photo for larger image)

Please note that due to the COVID situation
this event has been CANCELLED

Boxted Radio: TBA                NOTAMs
Runway: 22/04 Grass 600m x 18m             Co-ordinates: N51:56:26  E000:55:59
Location: North of Colchester, on the western side of the A12.
      Maps: Airfield   -  General Area   -  Satellite view   -  Solar Farm   -  Arriving by Road

All Light Aircraft and Microlights welcome
but Strictly PPR

(Sorry No visiting Helicopters)

PPR can be obtained now or on the day
Web:   PPR Request Form
Phone:  07391 858557

Due to limited parking space the number of visiting aircraft is restricted to approx 60
Number of
PPR requests todate is

Landing fee 10 includes tea/coffee - Additional charge for BBQ.

Want a Boxted Airfield Stamp in your log book??
Then please bring your log book with you

For General enquires please email

Please note, while aircraft are welcome on a PPR basis, there is NO general public access by road.
LAA members & Private Pilots welcome by road - just please let us know you are coming